Landlord solutions

We work with renowned asset owners and are home to household-name businesses.

Your flex operating partner

Our range of landlord solutions allow building owners to offer managed workspaces directly to occupiers at unit, asset or portfolio level.

We redefine the operator service as you know it, delivering your occupiers unparalleled working environments in beautifully designed, sustainable spaces. We operate under a white label, with a focus on enhancing the building and the occupier brand as opposed to our own.




RE-DEFINED is part-owned by MAPP, one of the UK’s leading property management businesses. Through this relationship, we are able to blend market-leading flex expertise with 25 years of experience in property management, people and sustainability. This combination allows us to operate at scale, in a fully transparent and accountable way.

Our solutions include:

Full serviced office operations

We transform and operate your empty offices under your brand's name.

Portfolio flex solutions

We integrate flex solutions at scale at a portfolio level.


We offer managed CatA+ tenant-ready workspaces.

Flex consultancy

We offer an unbiased, no-strings-attached view on your assets, finding solutions to develop flex operating vehicles and profit.

Step-in flex solution

We take control, stabilise and enhance operations in the event of an existing flex operator handing back the keys.

We manage properties at national scale

RE-DEFINED partners with landlords to operate beautiful flexible workspaces.

Why us?

We pride ourselves on being the most adaptable and transparent flex operator in the UK. Our business model is centred around our unique offering in the market:


We are a true white-label operator.

We don’t push our brand. We put the landlord and occupiers at the front and centre of everything we do.


We are design agnostic and adaptable.

Our operations will fit completely within the look and feel of the asset. Our staffing and front of house structure can be designed to plug in with your own setup.


We build on MAPP’s 25 years of property management experience.

We blend flex operations and revenue generation with excellent property management to deliver a seamless user experience.


Your asset is key.

Integration with the asset’s leasing and management strategy is at the centre of any proposal. We collaborate closely with asset managers to ensure the flex environment complements the rest of the building.


Accountability and transparency are paramount.

We have an open-book approach, so the owner has insight into all aspects of flex operations and profitability.


We ensure your buildings are cost-efficient.

Building on MAPP’s existing property management expertise and economies of scale, coupled with our experience in building strategies for flex offices, we ensure your building strategy is cost-effective and successful in the long term.


We’re sustainable.

We do business better by working closely with our occupiers, partners and local communities and ensuring that our people are correctly trained and compensated to create an unrivalled experience on site for our occupiers. We deliver environmental resilience within our spaces through the materials, suppliers and contractors we use.


We’ve done this before.

We are a trusted provider of flex and property management services, with a proven track record in working with some of the UK’s most high-profile funds, REITs and investment managers.

We operate flexible workspaces across the UK

We work with renowned asset owners and provide household-name businesses with office space, meeting rooms and hot-desking.