Southbank Central

The RE-DEFINED team is operating over five floors of flex workspace at Southbank Central, a renowned office and retail building set in one of London's most exciting cultural districts.

With a month’s notice, RE-DEFINED secured occupier agreements, connectivity and employees, and implemented systems to keep the workspace open and operational.

Compressing what would usually be months of work into just a few working days, within one of London’s busiest cultural centres, our team delivered:

  • New tenancy agreements offered to all existing occupiers on-site which successfully kept 90% of contracted occupiers remaining in their space
  • Compliance checks and statutory validations of all equipment, lifts, HVAC, health & safety procedures and insurances
  • Review and transfer of all utilities and rates billing
  • A comprehensive data and IT onboarding to ensure no interruptions to connectivity
  • TUPE (where possible) of existing site staff
  • 24hr security and support services throughout the transition process
  • Newly-brokered contracts for third-party services like cleaning, maintenance, consumables, etc.
  • Ongoing client-directed rebranding and marketing focussing on a unique flex experience centred around the building’s local context and client’s preferences 

60,000 sq ft of dynamic flex workspace

There is a range of space on offer, from office suites for 50 to 100 people, to studios for small requirements from 2 to 25 desks.

There are two baristas across and a resilient wifi across the entire space, you members can choose where they work best.

We operate flexible workspaces across the UK

We work with renowned asset owners and provide household-name businesses with office space, meeting rooms and hot-desking.